Western European folk dance in Washington, DC

Dear friends,

Although it’s a hard time to slow the momentum of our growing bal folk community, and harder still to feel happy and safe when we can’t dance and play with each other, it’s been an easy decision by the Bal DC committee to cancel all Bal DC events until further notice.

Because we’re all missing vital, restorative time with our community, the committee would like to encourage you to spend this time connecting virtually as much as possible. Share sheet music and tunes. Share bal folk playlists, especially music that brings you comfort and joy. Practice the mazurka, or an 11-count waltz in your home!

Remember that the musicians who play bal folk also play many other gigs that are cancelled right now. This is a great time to buy their CDs, tune into concert streams, schedule Skype lessons, and make donations to them to support them so that they will be here, ready to play great music for us when we can all dance together again. Whenever we see any sort of online opportunity for bal folk we’ll share it in Bal Folk United States!

The top priority for Bal DC is that all of our community members are safe and well. Take care of yourself. Give yourself permission to grieve the loss of dancing. Reach out if you need support. And we can’t wait to all be together again.

Your Bal DC Committee (Maria, Colleen, Eva, and Robin)

Questions? Email us AT INFO@BAL-DC.ORG!