Western European folk dance in Washington, DC

29 February 2020, 7:00 pm
The Public Option, Northeast DC

Come dance Western European trad dances in beautiful Washington, DC!

Come dance, listen, and chill to amazing music for an evening of bal folk at the Public Option!
Box and String is the duo of Philadelphia-based Bill Quern and Sarah Gowan, who have been playing and dancing to French dance music since the Sidmouth Folk Festival in 2004. With a combined instrument collection that includes guitar, mandolin, concertina, diatonic accordion, 4- and 5-string banjo, fiddle, harmonica, jaw harp and foot percussion, they provide a varied and entertaining program. This month they’ll be joined by folk cellist Laura Alexander and Baltimore’s bal folk extraordinaire Mark Vidor.
Bal folk means “folk ball”—no prior experience necessary! You’ll catch on right away to these simple, beautiful dances. Learn more about bal folk!
Doors open for delicious house-brewed drinks and company at 7:00pm, with a brief primer on the few couples dances that are part of the bal folk canon. Dancing is 7.30pm–11.30pm with breaks.
Sliding scale $10-$20, cash, card, and PayPal accepted. Proceeds go to the beautiful venue, the band, and to promoting bal folk in DC!

Questions? Email us AT INFO@BAL-DC.ORG!