Performer information for Bal DC's monthly bals


The dance will be upstairs at the Public Option, a pub in Northeast DC. It’s very accessible to public transportation, located less than a mile from the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station and served by five bus routes:

There’s also free street parking in front of the bar (during bal hours) and on side streets just off of Rhode Island Avenue.


5:45Committee arrives for setup/decoration
6:00Band (that’s you) and sound technician (Helen Whitty) arrive and begin sound setup
7:00Doors open for bal folk dance lesson with recorded music
8:00Beginning of dance
11:30End of dance; beginning of cleanup
12:00End of cleanup; doors locked

During the main 8:00 – 11:30 dance time, we’ve found that a two-break/three-set format works really well, but you can adjust it to how you see fit.


You all program the evening based on what you’d like to play; just announce the next dance or tune you’re going to play, and if it’s a less familiar one, the committee might do a quick 2-minute teach on the floor.

The mix of dances we have in mind is something like this:

In general, we expect that we’ll spend 70%-80% of the evening drawing from the standard bal folk repertoire:

We hope that the rest of the time will include a variety of other dances, including (some of):

  • Polka
  • 3-time bourrée
  • Rond de St. Vincent
  • Tricot
  • Gavotte des montagnes
  • Rondeau en chaîne (“the fast one”)
  • Rondeau en couple (“the slow one”)

There are a few dances that we like to dance from time to time that we can teach with a bit of advance notice:

  • Bal limousin
  • 5-time waltz (and higher-count waltzes)
  • 6-time ridée
  • 8-time laridé
  • Dañs plinn
  • Kas a barh
  • Branle de Cassandre
  • Branle de Noirmoutier


We’ll pay the band $300, with the possibility of profit-sharing if there’s high attendance.

Although we can definitely pay in cash if that’s preferred, we appreciate when we can pay electronically by PayPal!