Registration for Bal DC 2020 is now closed. See you next year!


Bal DC uses a pay-what-you-can system. This means that as part of registration, you will choose how much to based to come to the weekend, starting at a minimum of $80.

What Bal DC Costs

$145 is the actual per-person cost of putting on Bal DC:

  • $70 for our talent, including top-notch professional sound production,
  • $60 towards our venue,
  • $15 for other important expenses such as publicity for this first-ever event, compensation for volunteers, and snacks to fuel the dancing.
  • Above that $145, an additional fee of $9 goes to our registration system and allows us to accept credit card payments.

We are able to provide tickets at the lower ‘breakeven’ price of $125 thanks to anticipated merchandise sales.

If you can’t afford to pay $145, or even $125, that’s fine. We want the weekend to be available to everyone, you included. Pay what you can afford.

If you can afford to pay $125, please do.

If you can afford to pay more than $125, every dollar goes towards supporting other attendees and making Bal DC a viable, accessible, and awesome weekend.

Please note: If you can only afford $80, we hope you will come. That’s why this pricing scheme is here! But if everyone chose to pay the minimum of $80, the weekend would lose over $6,000! We’d strongly prefer for that not to happen. So please consider what you can pay and be generous.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel:

on or before 1 November,you will receive a full refund minus the processing fee.
between 2 November and 1 December,you will receive a refund minus $62 (half of the breakeven price)
on or after 1 December,you will only receive a refund of any money above the breakeven amount of $125.

We understand that cancellations are often the result of extenuating circumstances, so please contact us if you feel you deserve an exception to the guidelines above. We’ll work with you.

In the event that we have to cancel Bal DC because of inclement weather or other forces outside our control, we won’t be able to guarantee a full refund, as our foremost responsibility is to our performers and their time and talent. We will do our best to issue a fair refund to all of our attendees.